700r4 rebuild kit

TH700R4 Transmission Performance Rebuild 3: Dis-assembly & Rebuild

TH700R4 Transmission Performance Rebuild 3: Dis-assembly & Rebuild


In this article we will cover the disassemble and rebuild. Above you can see a nice kit loaded with fiber and steels including hard parts and all the seals. Most rebuilds will not require all of these parts. Failing transmission caught at its first sign of failure may not need as much work. Possibly only clutches, seals and gaskets needed to rebuild the transmission. Unfortunately many of the transmissions fail with broken sun gears and other hard parts broken.

If you are having problems and think you only need minimal parts. It is best not to order everything at once. Get the seals and clutches and tear it down first. Parts ordered one at a time as needed. In most cases its cheaper to order just the parts needed and not a full blown kit like this. For an all out race performance rebuild its great to have something like this complete kit. May not be cheap plan on spending up to 900 dollars on a kit like this.

Problems with shifting that don’t also include failure to go into gear or noise in some gears. can be just the 1-2 or 3-4 accumulator. These parts can be accessed without removing the¬†transmission.



More to come as I get the transmission out and tore down….