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Pro Comp Cylinder Heads W/ 210cc Intake Runners and 59cc Chambers

Topic: Pro Comp Cylinder Heads W/ 210cc Intake Runners and 59cc Chambers


This is a set of Pro Comp Cylinder Heads I purchased a few months ago for a project. This set was purchased from Pro Comp as bare castings and built up by good machine shop. This set has CNC combustion chambers of 59cc and 210 cc intake runners with 7/16 screw in studs and heavy duty springs for the large cam this project will have.

Nice open ports

These heads have nice large throats and good clearance in the pinch area. With all the right parts these heads look great. I am hopeful they will put down some serious hp. Posting some Dyno results when they come in.
Creating this post because of all the negative information floating around on the net about these heads. The set I have is great and does not show any problems.

The ports are open and clear or obstructions and should flow well. The exhaust ports do have rather large guide bosses that could be cut down for more power. But in my case I am glad to see them as this will be in a street driving vehicle. These are of course not removed by the factory for this reason for racing you will want to remove these and open up the exhaust side a little more. For street a little longer exhaust duration on a dual pattern cam will work nicely.

I have also added pictures of a few additional parts i purchased at the same time. Also made by procomp.



Pro Comp Cylinder Heads

Pro Comp Cylinder Heads Pro Comp Cylinder Heads IMG_0172 IMG_0147 IMG_0152 IMG_0143 IMG_0144 IMG_0163 IMG_0168 IMG_0167 IMG_0157 IMG_0151 IMG_0169


Here is a link where you can buy all types of heads from the procomp/speedmaster heads. I chose the 210cc intake runners in 23 degree heads. But they have them aviable in many sizes and 15 degree heads as well. They also sell roller rockers and shaft mount rockers along with stud girdles to keep everything from moving around under high load.

Pro Comp Cylinder Heads