My Corvette Project Build up!

My Corvette Project Build

My Corvette Project Build car PoorMans super car. Is a 1989 C4 corvette with over 300K miles on it. So most wear parts and even some hard parts will be replaced. In an effort to keep the cost down I will either be using Junkyard, New OEM or used racing parts. Anyone with some C4 donor parts should contact me if they want to donate to the project or sell cheap.

I am poor so I can not offer top dollar for any thing. Also budget is very important to me for another reason I know this is a great car and can be made really, really fast. It is also cheap in the market and with engine swap choice there is really no limit as to HP. It surely can be made to put 1000hp to the ground. Now can it be done for under 20 thousand dollars. That is my goal which will run in a few phases the first will be the major system upgrade for the car and a motor capable of producing 500hp at least. Then moving to a much larger power plant. Along with other high dollar upgrades. That wil have to wait until the project is closer to completion.

Lots of stuff to fix

Here is a the first look at the car in these pictures I have just purchased the car running with a bad tranny and a motor with 300K on the bottom end.
The rear end and about 30K worth of minor upgrades and repairs were done still leaving the car in almost stock form. But with a rebuilt rear end and drive shaft. Along with full bushing replacement. I am betting by 200K when these were done the car was pretty tired and needed all the help it could get. Rear feels like a 3:73 or something close it pulls very hard and will smoke the tires with ease at this point. Tires are shot so that is no surprise.



I have been working on the car for some time at this point. Found a few damaged areas on the body. Several other problems that needed to be addressed. I decided it was time to go over the body making sure it was correct ready to be a platform for my project.

I noticed several deep cracks in the GelCoat clearly the car had a few boo boos in its long 300K miles of life of mostly city driving. As you can imagine its not perfect but the original owner had love for the car and anything that was damaged was fixed right away but time takes its toll on anything.

 mid way into the restoration of the fiberglass


Here is the next set of pictures for the project don’t want to jam up the forum with one giant post that takes and hour to load. Really small useless pictures that cant be seen well by my readers are no good either.

I fixed many of the cracks by grinding them down and back filling with a good fine and course strand fiberglass.
This should give the strongest repair possible. Allowing for a little flex without the small amount of flex it will just crack and fall back out. Regular bondo would not work on these cracks at all.


Body Repairs and Mods 

Here are some pics of the body repairs further along  in the project. But in all my time I had to invest the cost was really low. Just some good body filler that was about 60 to 100 a gallon and a crap load of sanding disc. The car had a few coats of paint and the factory gel coat. I had to dig thru to get the right level of filler into the cracks to prevent them from reforming.

Use what you got beg and borrow the rest

I had a compressor and borrowed an air sander from a friend. I also needed a few other products that did not total more than 50 dollars. Adhesion promoter for the rubber bumpers and rear end section.

You can see the door handles and emblems removed.
 Did this to improve the look of the car and help if the car ever reached its 200mph goal. Just one less thing to fix when trying to reach those types of speeds.


Here is a link to my 1989 Corvette build