My Corvette Build up 4: Corvette Build Fabrication

My Corvette Build up Part 4 Corvette Build Fabrication

Corvette Build Fabrication

I got the fiberglass done and the taped up foam worked perfect. This made for a nice hard shell a few layers thick of weave and mat made for a nice flat surface even if it does not look that way in the pictures.

Here are a few ruff pictures of the dash. Its solid as a rock and twice as strong as the factory dash and only half the weight plus it does not have 100’s 7mm head screws in it.

Now for some color and make this look like a dash

A nice first look at the painted up dash. Used black paint and some rattle can texture that works great.

Here look at the front of the panel. Had to brighten the picture a lot to get the color to show up.

This one the tricky texture paint worked out. Its one of the few pics that came out when i was at this stage. It was dark with bad lighting was poor in that side of the shop. This one came out OK. Its got dust on it now.


Will try to get the rest of the pictures of the interior up soon.