My Corvette Build up Part 3: Fabrication Begins

My Corvette Build up Part 3 Fabrication Begins


To recap a bit this is what the car looked like when i got it. It was a running driving vette with 299K miles on it. Its been with me a while now i drove it as it was for a while and it drove nice.


On to the Update… ¬†I have tons of pictures just need some time to post them

Since the car has shaved door handles i made an emergency entrance knob so i can get into the car if the battery is dead or the car is broke down. Since the battery will be in the back of inside the car opposite the driver. Help balance the weight across all four corners.

Thats not an antenna its the knob to pull the cable release to open the rear hatch. So i can always get the battery charger on the battery or to the fuse box and emergency cut off from out side the car without any electronic garbage.

On to some interior pics

Lots of the interior is getting put together with new carbon fiber and foam door panels and Aluminum door pulls. Thought about using the nylon strap but figured I would give that a go later on if I find the pulls are no good.

These are made from very thin carbon and was more like a smooth sheet good than hard material but worked great is holding its shape and working properly. Wasn’t sure if this material could be used like this but its working out fine. Notice the foam behind the carbon allowing it to bend a little.

I also laid the foam for the dash and cover it with fiberglass and resin that is very solid.

Foam dash pad

After fitting the foam dash to the car body it self i was able to make it the right size for the dash board i need to fit the gauges.

The inner core is made from what ever foam was laying around some is regular packing foam and some is home insulation foam. Both will be eaten quickly by fiberglass resin.

The magic of blue tape

Blue painters tape is made so that paints with solvent wont soak into them and bleed. Which happens to work great with the foam dash pad and fiber glass. I used the cheapest resin from the auto parts store or home depot.

Above you can see the dash all taped up and ready for fiber glass and resin. Will post some complete pics later…