My Corvette Build up 5: Corvette Ignition System

My Corvette Build up 5: Corvette Ignition System

Time to sort out the Corvette Ignition System

I started out with a standard GM Point type from an older car. I think it was from a Camaro. Pretty much any small type distributor will do. Since im running a tunnel ram and needed something that would fit with such a large intake. Corvette Ignition System has always been pretty good. From dual points to hei and computer controlled modern setups work well.

Mopar ignition reluctor and pickup with HEI

I got a few parts in the mail today and figured this was a good quick project to work out. With a small lathe I bored the center out of the reluctor wheel. Leaving it tight enough to give a good tight fit over the distributor points cam. With a little heat it locked in place and seem to be there for life. But may fill the spaces with a little jb weld to lock everything in place.

Machined ready to assembled

Here is the reluctor and the distributor points cam that will allow the distributor to fire on time. Notice the wheel is lined up with the points on the points cam so the spark will still be at the correct time.

Assembled with Small Spacer

Now it is all together ready to be reassembled with the distributor. It was easy to press fit these two together should work well with the new setup.

Finished and ready to install

Once it was all pt back together. Its ready to reset the cam gear spacing and get that nice and tight. Checked over greased and all the bearings and seals. Should be ready to go for another 100K.

Wires out the bottom just like stock wiring

Running these wires o ground and to the hei module allows it to run the gm hei with just a coil and module on a sheet of aluminum for heat dissipation.

Reluctor and Coil run very close to each other

This one has vacuum advance which im hoping to be able to use. Should allow for some decent hp output. Only needed to drill one hole in the plate for mopar pickup coil install on the small gm plate.

This is a much better option than buying a used setup or expensive kit to switch it to electronic pickup. Kits made of cheap plastic and cost a lot to replace parts. These mopar ignition parts sold by part stores everywhere.