Engine block vin number

Chevy Small Block V8 VIN Number

Chevy small block v8 vin number


Chevy small block v8 vin number


Most Chevy V8’s are stamped with the vin number of the car on block just in front of the passenger side cylinder head. OEM engine blocks get stamped with VIN Numbers. While replacement and crate engines do not have this identification. They come with a number that is specific to that particular engine and vehicle. This helps with theft identification and part numbering for each car. Identifying options and making all the large parts easy to track down. 

The Vin Tag

Here’s a look at the tag can usually be cleaned up and to make read able. If the block has been resurfaced the Vin tag gets shaved off. in the picture below you can see the engine vin stamp straight and on center. Vehicle Identification Number is stamped off center at an angle. This is always hard to read. A nice clean easy to read stamp would be an indication of a re-stamp.

Nasty Z28 web site has a great write up on how to decode your vin tag so I will not duplicate there work here.
Hopefully they don’t mind me linking to them.  Nasty Z28: Chevy Engine Code Information

But if you follow the site you can see this engine came from (V = Flint plant 12 = December 05 = 5th day TWY = 1978 350 conv.cab L LS9 165hp 4 bbl carb C-20 & 2500)

2 or 4 bolt main

Note there is no identifier for 4 bolt mains. You just got to pull the pan and look. But most 70’s trucks came with 4 bolt mains. Almost all heavy trucks 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks with the 5.7 will have four bolt mains. Along with many but not all performance engines. When looking at a bare block there is little to no way of knowing if the bottom end contains a 2 or 4 bolt mains. Many performance engines are 2 bolt mains. The bolts in the main block is not as important as a good block over a four bolt block. A good block should be your goal not four bolt main or nothing.