Building 500HP LS engine

Building 500HP LS engine

LS engine

This sounds like a tough task. For a gen one engine it requires tons of aftermarket parts but an LS1, LS3 or LS6 engine can make tons of power with very little mods. Usually a big cam will get you close with a good tune on the ECU. Building 500HP LS engine with stock heads will require some port work. If the goal is to be reached easily.

Beyond the rare corvette aluminum blocks

Before I go any further I will mention an LS Escalade engine in the 6 liter rang is awesome with just a good cam and tune. That setup will get you damn close to 500HP and with some of the right toys in place you can hit 500HP at the wheels.

Here is a nice post on the 5.3 Build up from a junkyard to 600+ HP This is a Car Craft article they have a good right up with pretty good pictures.

Hot Rod: Chevrolet 5.3L LS Budget Engine Build

Many right ups you will find are for full built carburated conversions which is fine for an old car but for a new car an LS engine with carb is a disaster. As you can imagine its not going thru emissions again nor will it get gas mileage like before.

New cars here the trick to keeping it road legal and make power Turbo

Super fast setups include turbo 5.3 engine with 5 or 12 psi. can easily make over 800 hp with the right cam and support equipment. That will need injectors and a nice lumpy cam then a complete tune. Engine in stock form are cheap so there are two ways to go. Many people just use stock junk yard short blocks with good bores and boost the crap out of them. When they blow up they go buy another one for 200 bucks and move on.

The other way to go is by building a full tilt block that will take 1200hp without breaking or coming loose after a few thousand miles. Yes this can be costly but if you really wish to drive the car for many miles with that kind of HP and actually use that HP many things will need to be upgraded. Even at 500 hp failures in parts other than the engine will start to climb. Brakes, trans, and rear will all take a beating but only last for so long under that kind of stress.

Even the smaller 5.3 and 4.8 are still pretty strong.

With careful driving and smart tuning small turbo 5.3L can make 500+ and be safe and smooth with fuel injection and 100% legal. Remote mount turbos for cali cars may be needed. But trust me they work. Before you say they suck go and drive a car with that wind of setup. Its hard to say its got lag or poor performance when the tires are smoking off the car every time you try to floor it. Usally before your foot can kit the floor. A single or small dual turbo system will spool very quick on any good flowing v8.

The lag issue with low compression 4 bangers from the 80’s is gone. High compression engine have very little lag. With 8 cylinders that is even less noticeable. Even more so If your rocking a 400+ hp normally aspirated engine. Your still going to get the 400 then the turbo will hit a lot sooner than you want to in first gear.

I am not giving a parts list or block numbers here. I am not in the process of building an LS engine and don’t want to post detailed write up without pictures and real world build to go along with it. But I will in future post dig a little deeper. Get into the heads and block numbers to pick from the junk yard.