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Best Place to find Dyno Proven Combo

Best Place to find Dyno Proven Combo

Dyno Proven Combo
Dyno Proven Combo

Where to look

As the title suggest this is to help you find some Dyno Proven Combo that can guide your build and make sure the engine combo will work. Since the small block chevy has so many different types of heads cam and intake available in the used market and in the after market it can sometimes be hard to tell if the parts you have chosen are going to work together. In some cases even the best parts can work against each other and cost power.

All the parts must work together

It has often been the case where the engine is built with very expensive parts and does not produce power as was expected. When the same engine with some cheaper parts is laying down large numbers on the dyno. This can be very disconcerting for most of us. Having collected some builds off the internet and I will add a few once I have the time to build and test more combos. The ones listed below are all great builds and work. In most cases I have tried to find combos with parts list and price list if at all possible. With the small block chevy it is not always who spends the most will make the most horsepower. In most cases its the well refined combo that produces the desired result.

Can the web be a resource

Here are some go to web links for build combos. Don’t know where to start but are good with engines. These sites will allow you to chose the best combo without the hassle of building the wrong engine. One of the largest list of SBC builds. Many combos are not complete and some are not as accurate as could be desired but still very nice place to shop for hp and tq specs needed for your car or truck.

I have tried to find some good builds that will show full combos of small block engine builds with prices and dyno results whenever possible. I am always looking for better builds that allow you to build your car with the most power per dollar for your needs and goals. Many will say building an engine for a HP goal is a waste of time and is not possible. I feel its important to have a goal and that goal should be attainable. With proper planning and good knowledge and a clear goal of your needs and wants this is of course entirely possible.

Here is another site with build and combination info.

FuzzyChevy Camaro Site: Combos

Cylinder Head Shoot Out/Test

Hot Rod: Chevy 350 Sleeper Combo

This one works great!

Hot Rod: 383 Combo 500/500

Super Chevy: 6 Proven Engine Combos

Super Chevy: 3 Way Mousefest